24 Oct, 2022

From the friendly face behind the reception desk to the first phone or written contact-as the first patient contact- your staff needs to be happy, encouraged, but above all convinced of the office/dental practice in which it works. It must both believe in the services it offers, in professional terms, and appreciates the environment in which it works, in personal terms. Only when staff is passionate, it can be credible, inspiring patients and potential new team members and making honest recommendations. An authentically positive team is the result of a successful Corporate Identity. Just another Britishism? Not at all! Corporate identity (CI) forms of your success: the credibility of your externally perceived image. Below we will show you how to use the components of corporate identity for your dental practice!



A practice’s corporate identity refers to the Unique Selling Proposition (i.e., the value proposition offered to the public) and the characteristics that must be perceived both within your team and conveyed externally. The goal is to stand out from the competition through a successful CI strategy. CI gives character, sharpens self-perception and thus external effect. In the health and dental industry, CI plays a key role because of its nearness to the patient. The primary goal of any practice, in fact, is to convey to the patient the idea that the all staff is taking care of his or her health, making him or her feel cared for in the best way possible. This goal can be achieved through good use of the CI elements outlined below.


Design, probably the most obvious and countered element of CI, should never be underestimated. It involves a plurality of online and offline elements-including work uniform design-and it is the decisive guarantor of a successful brand identity. Design could be implemented in your practice through a logo that can represent you and should, therefore, have an important recognition function. Through the logo, patients create a mental connection with your practice and remember you positively. When creating a logo, there are a few variables to consider; professionalism is an intrinsic value to convey and, a fundamental pillar of design, “form follows function.” It is advisable to focus on simplicity and linearity, as your core competencies should be reinforced by the IC and not overshadowed.

In addition to the logo, the website and social media presence (especially if you intend to communicate to a young target audience of patients) should also be designed with consistency to what is the design adopted for the total IC. The overall positive impression of a practice can be enhanced by the uniformity of work uniforms, which should bear the practice logo. Underlying this statement are several purely psychological reasons: patients know who they can turn to, they feel they are in good hands, and they see all the staff as one reliable entity. This also generates an important sense of belonging within the practice team, which has a positive influence on staff motivation.



Communication as a component of IC is divided into two macro areas: internal and external communication. The internal communication strategy should provide guidelines for communication within the firm and among team members. In this way, the climate present in the firm and its identity are shaped and created from within. An appreciative tone toward one’s employees and associates and a good management strategy are of particular importance and positively impact the work environment!

External communication makes your practice appear trustworthy and safe and includes all types of outward communication: from patient dialogue to social media presence to letterhead. The goal is to achieve proper and consistent communication among all team members. Patients and third parties will thus perceive your team as united and have a clear image of your practice. Communication-both external and internal-is a decisive factor in winning and keeping your patients, as it greatly influences their judgment of your practice. As psychologist and philosopher Paul Watzlawick pointed out, “you can’t not communicate,” because even silence has important meaning. And that is why you need to devise a thoughtful strategy akin to the values you intend to communicate.



The corporate identity of the dental office refers to the interaction that the components have with each other and that they have with subjects outside the dental office. In particular the definition of the values, has a central role.

A transparent conflict culture that allows problems to be resolved quickly and a complaints management system are of utmost importance. The management style must also reflect the guiding principles and values ​​of the firm and it is advisable to evaluate benefits, company awards and training courses for your team. It is necessary to bear in mind that subjects have both internal and external views (as individuals).

Satisfied employees and collaborators can convey the firm’s brand in their private sphere. Through recommendations to their family or through their own commitment to find a suitable figure to fill a new position in the study. It goes without saying that it is necessary to think about team-building measures in addition to mere professional training, as these give employees the opportunity to identify with the work they are doing, appreciating it further, beyond any professional framework. For a successful corporate culture, it is necessary to calibrate the team so that it adopts a uniform behavior towards patients. Reliability and precise rules on the assignment of appointments (short or long term) and the degree of orientation towards the patient play a fundamental role. 


The corporate identity with all its components represents a great opportunity and a key factor for any dental practice. In implementing your CI concept, it is important to adopt a coherent and consistent general line, which is composed and built from all the factors mentioned (design, communication and teamwork). The CI within a studio must also be free of contradictions, because “what you want to ignite in others must burn in you”. An aligned, cohesive and satisfied team is your best advertisement!

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